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James Bond "A Father Figure" Author: James Bond Gunnar Schäfer

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5


Chapter 5 Ian Fleming - James Bond creator ¨

Goldeneye in Jamaica, James Bond's "birthplace". His "father" was called
Ian Fleming. When you begin the story of James Bond's birth and
light, it fits in well, to start with an old worn out.
One person asks another: Have you read Fleming's book Goldfinger on
agent James Bond? He will then answer to the other that he has not done
it, but that he has seen the movie.
It is a fitting image of James Bond. Many millions of people
around the world have probably seen one or more films about the daring,
aristocratic elegant, British agent with well-developed women's preference.
Far fewer have read books about him, and even fewer know who Ian
Fleming was.

Ian Lancaster Fleming
A story about James Bond and Fleming's books if the agent should begin
with a story about whom Fleming was. Bond has many features in fact
by the author.

Ian Lancaster Fleming was born May 28, 1908 in the fashionable
London's Mayfair. His family was wealthy upper class. Father
Valentine was a Scot, and worked on his father's bank Robert Fleming & Co..
Ian's father was elected to Parliament as Conservative member for South
Oxfordshire constituency, 1910th The mother's name was Evelyn St.Croix Rose. She was of Scotch-Irish descent. The family was very rich and socialized
in the so-called finer circuits. Winston Churchill was one of the close
circle of friends.

Ian had three brothers. Young Ian was once seen as a little rebel in
This fine family. He did not like what his parents believed that
important, eg horses, dogs and family get togethers. Neither was particularly Ian
fond of Scotland.

1914 opened the first World War broke out. Valetine Dad went into the
British Army and was sent to France where he soon advanced
to Major. In May 1917 killed dad Valentine War. He received posthumous
honorary awards and Winston Churchill wrote his obituary ii
newspaper The Times. When Valentine was killed was Ian's mother 32 years. Father
left a significant legacy as both Ian and his older brother Peter
could be sent to the prestigious private school Eton.

Ian did not like it at Eton. There was one exception, sport. He
became the school's greatest athlete in the individual branches running and
long jump. He was not keen on team sports, but still played a little football.
In a collision in a football game in 1926 was Ian's nose bone cracked, which
gave him the later so famous profile. A little of copper was placed in his
nose to smooth it out. Later in life, lamented Ian often in this
implants, which he said gave him several health problems, including intensive
headache attacks. Ian has to leave Eton without graduating. The
said in some biographies that it was because he was involved in "a
affair with a girl ".

Next stop in the journey through life became a military academy Sandhurst.
From here, the first reports that Ian was a favorite of local
girls, and that he already was viewed as a ladies' man, although he must
have been an extremely mediocre dancing cavalier.
Fleming was obviously not his military training in earnest.
It is said to be due to the British Army at that time was undergoing a
mechanization. Ian said he did not have any desire "to sit and press
buttons ". Although he graduated from Sandhurst and he
through the mother's high contacts yet been admitted to Her Majesty's List for The
Kings Royal Rifle Corps, the finest of the era infantry regiments,
thanked him for himself with a letter of resignation written on a postcard and
disappeared from the military academy. Fleming's strong sense of independence and the obvious need to
create their own identity, meant that he could not adapt to a
military life.

Kitzbühel, Munich and Geneva
Eventually came a change in the candidate Ian's life. His mother
had arranged so that he came to a school in the ski resort of Kitzbuhel in the Austrian
Tyrol. The Villa Tennerhof they were running the Forbes-Dennis his teaching.
Here Ian learned German and French. He also learned skiing and
rock climbing. Slowly but surely he began to develop talent, and found
maybe he could be something on your own. He had come to a
place where he felt he could create his own identity. Mrs. Forbes-
Ian Dennis encouraged to develop their writing. He also wrote a
couple of short stories.

Ian had developed a strong interest in language study, and it contributed
that he decided to attempt a career in the UK
State Department. He knew now that he wanted to become a diplomat. As
preparation for a career in the Foreign Service, went to Fleming 1928
Munich to study at local university. He was now 20 years old.
Here he improved his language skills. He read Russian. The following year
he went to Geneva where he deepened his knowledge of French.

We now see how Fleming gradually develops interests and characteristics
which later will be forma figure agent James Bond's personality.
Ian became interested in cars. Among other things, he drove an Italian
Bugatti sports car brand. At home in the English Henley, he must have been driving for
over 160 miles per hour. Meanwhile in Geneva, he had a large black
American-brand Buick.
In Geneva Fleming was in love with a Swiss girl named
Monique. They became engaged and he wanted to marry her, but mom
Eve said firmly. She did not think that Monique was a proper party
for a man of Ian's family. Ian was forced to break the engagement which took
him hard.

As an aside, may be mentioned that in his books about James Bond, he
his mother, a Swiss named me Monique.
Reuters instead of UD 1931 Fleming tried to foreign service. He became, unfortunately, only
in 25th place out of 62 applicants. He did not enter. There was a failure
that felt hard. His pride was wounded deeply. He would then never
tell the truth about this failure, even to his closest
Ian must now seek new ways. Once again, he must rely on
Mother Eve's help and her contacts. She was familiar with the Head of
the British news agency Reuters. He arranged for October 19
1931 started the now 23-year-old Ian working on the Reuters news offices.

Fleming liked the fiery, demanding environment of Reuters.
Here I Fleming his first insight into the agent business that would be
Bond's mission in life. 1933, he was namely a very important
mission. He was sent to Moscow to monitor the trial of six
Britons, who were accused of spying against the Soviet Union. Fleming was
mission mainly because he spoke Russian.



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