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James Bond "A Father Figure" Author: James Bond Gunnar Schäfer

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 2. Before I was James Bond.

As I write this book, I had just turned 50, that is to say, I have
just gone through what we call life's meridian. When I look back
in my previous life, I can state that I grew up on life's bright
side, rather the contrary.

Two forces have pushed me forward in life. One has been the need to
in every way for myself and my surroundings to show that I will do. For the
Second, I have the rising force felt the need to find my roots, and
I am thinking especially of my father. Where did he come from, who he was, every
did he go? What was his fate? These are questions that will follow
my whole life.

I was born March 30, 1957 at Västervik's Hospital. At that time lived
our family, no mother and father John Charles in Virserum.
They had already two sons, Bertil, was born in 1951 and Heinz born in 1955.
Pretty soon we moved to East Hällasjö, near the community Boda Mill
in Nybro Municipality. Mom was home taking care of their three children.
Dad worked in the home as a shoemaker, and was engaged in part-time
as a music teacher at school in Johansfors.
Soon we moved again, now to central Stockholm, where we would stay
at different addresses, first out suburb Dog Painting, later included in the central

It was here in Nybro the great disaster for our family occurred. Suddenly
Dad was just gone. I was when it happened so small that I do not really
understood the full extent of the incident. It was the first years away
away clear to me. He would have gone home to Germany to look for
her mother. But he never came back. I will later in my
story to come back to my father, his background and what he meant
for me.

Mom could not keep track of three young children while
work to support her family alone. We became a social event. I remember
also at Christmas time when the people came from the Lions in Nybro and left
food, money and Christmas presents for us children. It is unpleasant experiences
when you look back on those days.
When dad disappeared was also a difficult time for me in a different way.
When dad was home he held my older brothers in God's discipline
and cautions, sometimes with the help of his austerity. I have no recollection
that he was strict with me as the little boy. Mother had difficult
to do justice and to the Huta of us who have done something wrong. The older
often blamed on me when something happened, as the mother dealt with. Sometimes I
impression that my older brothers' image of our father, therefore, are not as positive
like mine.

1965 new people into our family. His mother had met a new man.
His name was Sven Walliander. With him from a previous relationship had
he has a daughter. She was not God's best children. Even when she was
that should be banned for their conduct, to any mischief done, blamed the
on me and the others were believed. It is not wrong to say that I was a bit
scapegoat while chopping chicken.

The latter brought with me a feeling that I was incompetent. The need
to wash away that impression, not only of others but also within me
itself, grew. It became over the years a strong driving force to the need for
self-assertion, to show that I was good enough for anything. So here later in life, it has
been a positive force. The need to assert themselves is a very strong force in
more than me, I think. Used properly, the power to be an asset in life.
So I feel it anyway. 1964, I was seven years. Then began my schooling in Nybro which would
ends with only a three-year technical education with matriculation at
Åkra Rock High School, 1977, and then two years at the vocational school. The way there was
passed first through Fagerslätt school and then junior high school in Paradise.
My life continues outside Nybro. I had previously signed for
military service, assigned to an engineer regiment inp.2 in Eksjo. At this
time I had been thinking about a career in the military. Had much to my
disappointing failure of a test to become a fighter pilot. The idea of being
military, fighter pilot or, failing any other in the military, think
I had grown up together with my work with the image of my father. In a
newspaper interview, which I will return, I said that it began to take
concrete form when, in 1965 I went with my older brothers
and saw a James Bond film, my first.

1978 to 1980 I worked for a time at the company Eastern Vulk of Kalmar,
for the next year begin another training, this time to the excavator
Växjö. However, I contented myself not to do so. Although I in 1981 reached the
ripe old age of 24 years, I decided to find a place
at the 4-year mechanical engineering education at Lars Kagg high school in
Kalmar. I was not sure to get in, but fate goddess stood
on my side. At the last moment before the start of term received a cancellation from
one has already been adopted. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when one day I got
a call from the school, who told me that I could start. I went out
away from 1985. Quite immediately after I bought my current
bildelsföretag the Emmaboda Road in Nybro. Now began a new chapter in
my life. A chapter that was the beginning of my now twenty year journey to
identity as Sweden's James Bond.

Tennis - an entrance
During the formative years I focused hard on making a career as a player,
Judges and coaches in the white sport that they call tennis. Personally
I think I was pretty successful in my efforts in this
area. Relatively early in life, I thought, as surely many other boys and girls for that matter, 
from basic conditions, that tennis could
be a way to get up in the community. Bjorn Borg was a contemporary example
on such a brilliant career. And one way to assert themselves and show that
was good enough for anything. I felt that I had written earlier in the book, a strong operational
to do so.

Sometimes I have been asked about the focus on tennis was also a step
on the way to my identity as James Bond. And my response has then been
the idea was, to my contacts within the Swedish tennis would open roads
for me in one way or the other. Through contacts with leading
Figures in Swedish tennis, which belongs to the cream of Swedish industry,
I hoped to at least tips and ideas on how my project should be
develop as a business idea. A second thought was that as a tennis player by
decent class through tennis meet directors and actors in the film world,
mainly those related to films about James Bond.
Before I go any further with the story of my tennis betting, I can
say, that I also have a background in golf. 1971, Mexico
in Nybro by Nybro Golf Club. I'm a few years and was among
another member of the Youth Committee. My handicap is the time of writing
36th Peter Wallenberg

To some extent, I think I managed it. I started in Nybro
IF tennis club in 1971 and had as a coach a person whose name was Henry
Carlsson. I wanted to learn as quickly as possible. I called often to him,
pestered and asked to practice against him. 1973 I was elected to Nybro IF's
tennis club.

His career continued. The next step was training the trainer. I have
passed all stages in Sweden as a tennis coach. There are six steps
where the second former Davis Cup captain Carl Axel Hageskog was
instructor along with Bjorn Waxegård and Peo Lorentzi in Småland
Tennis Association. Even today there are skills and dreams to train
a new Swedish tennis star, who can take Sweden back to the peak
in the 80's glory days with Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg. 

1985 I became a licensed Swedish national judges.
Got soon issue
if I wanted to be in Småland Tennis Association. I wanted and at the
the way it still is. I was elected to Nybro IF's tennis club 1973rd
1982, I was involved in the Swedish Tennis Association's annual meeting. There
I met including the Swedish Tennis Association's honorary chairman Peter
Wallenberg, who I played against double. I felt that he was a
very nice man. With him I talked a lot about my Bond Projects,
and he thought my idea was interesting.

Chapter 3






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