A Complete Guide To James Bond's Champagne

The name’s Bond, James Bond

Other than the way he says his name, Martini, Shaken, not Stirred might just be Bond’s second most famous line, but despite the Martini being Bond’s signature drink, he drinks more Champagne than Martini’s.

Bond Fact – Did you know that a real Martini is not really meant to be Shaken, shaking includes the addition of ice, which dilutes the Cocktail quicker, also making the Martini cloudy, but it does chill the Cocktail faster and makes it less strong, allowing Bond to stay focused on his mission.

When we watch the James Bond films, there are few famous product placements that we expect to see, with the likes of Bond’s Aston Martin, his OMEGA watch and a bottle of Bollinger Champagne.

How many of you know that the Bond films have featured 3 Champagnes and 1 Cava.

These sponsor deals don’t come cheap, Heineken was a sponsor in Skyfall, paying a reported £25 Million to appear in the movie and in 2002, it was reported that Aston Martin paid £28 Million to bring the Aston Martin back for Die Another Day.

Bond Fact – Champagne Bollinger pays £10 million to feature in each film.

For the latest Bond film, No Time To Die, some of the lesser-known sponsors including Tom Ford, Persol and Macallan paid together around £86 Million.

Bond Fact – In the writings of Ian Fleming, James Bond drinks a total of 317 alcoholic drinks, including:

  • Champagne 65 Times
  • Vodka Martini 42 Times
  • Saké 37 Times
  • Bourbon 57 Times
  • Cognac 24 Times
  • Gin 21 Times
  • Red Wine 21 Times

Before we get into the films, it’s worth mentioning that Ian Fleming, the writer of James Bond, envisioned that Champagne Taittinger would be Bond’s go-to Champagne, he mentions Champagne Taittinger in his first Bond book, Casino Royale, although in the film version, we see Champagne Bollinger.

I reached out to Champagne Taittinger to try to understand why Taittinger didn’t really follow Bond onto the big screen.

Was Taittinger Ian Fleming’s favourite Champagne?

“Ian Fleming used to place Comtes de Champagne in all his movies, but then sold the rights to movie producer Albert R. ‘Cubby’ Broccoli who owns the film rights to Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels. He then asked for money from a sponsor and Dom Pérignon took the opportunity. It was James Bond’s Champagne for a long time. Then Bollinger took the lead.”

What Was The History of the James Bond Book Series and Champagne Taittinger?

Claude Taittinger met Fleming on a James Bond movie set (no proof) and became friends with Ian Fleming (who at the time was not famous at all)”

Claire Sarazin, the wonderful Communication Project Manager at Champagne Taittinger, who along with providing the information above, also shared with me this letter, showing the writings of Ian Fleming to Claude Taittinger about Taittinger Champagne, it’s definitely worth a read.

This Image Is Property Of Champagne Taittinger

Bond Fact – From 1962 up to 2021, the 25 Bond films have brought in a combined 7 Billion Dollars from their theatrical releases.

When Bond started looking for a new Champagne after the departure of Dom Pérignon, the producers of the films, the Broccoli-Wilson family wanted to find a Champagne that could match the idealised image of James Bond, a Champagne that could fit into a world of danger, but could also be seen at the heights of society. The Bond and Bollinger story started with a friendship of the Broccoli-Wilson family and the Bollinger family.

The story goes that Albert ‘Cubby’ Broccoli, the producer of James Bond at the time, visited Bollinger, he was welcomed and hosted by Madame Lily Bollinger along with the president of the company, Christian Bizot, with Albert Broccoli being won over not by the Champagne, but by a cup of tea that Madame Lily Bollinger offered him. Hands were shaken over dinner that night securing Bollinger as Bond’s new Champagne

The Complete List of Every Champagne In a James Bond Film

  • Dr. No – Dom Pérignon 1955
  • From Russia With Love – Champagne Taittinger – Riserva Comtes de Champagne – Blanc de Blancs
  • Goldfinger – Dom Pérignon 1953
  • Thunderball – Dom Pérignon 1955
  • You Only Live Twice – Dom Pérignon 1959
  • On Her Magesty’s Secrect Service – Dom Pérignon 1957
  • Diamonds Are Forever – None
  • Live and Let Die – Dom Pérignon & Bollinger
  • The Man With The Golden Gun – Dom Pérignon 1954
  • The Spy Who Loved Me – Dom Pérignon 1952
  • Moonraker – Bollinger R.D. 1969
  • For Your Eyes Only – Dom Pérignon
  • Octopussy – Bollinger R.D.
  • Never Say Never Again – None
  • A View To A Kill – Bollinger 1975
  • The Living Daylights – Bollinger R.D.
  • Licence To Kill – Bollinger R.D. 1975
  • GoldenEye – Bollinger La Grande Année 1988
  • Tomorrow Never Dies – Bollinger La Grande Année 1989
  • The World Is Not Enough – Bollinger La Grande Année 1990
  • Die Another Day – Bollinger 1969 – Special Cuvée Brut
  • Casino Royale – Bollinger La Grande Année 1990 – Special Cuvée Brut
  • Quantum Of Solace – Bollinger La Grande Année 1999
  • Skyfall – Bollinger La Grande Année 2002
  • Spectre – Bollinger R.D. 2002 Prestige Cuvée
  • No Time To Die – Bollinger Special Cuvée (Plus Cava)

Bonus Bond Film

  • Casino Royal 1967 – Veuve Clicquot & Taittinger

The Complete List of Every Champagne Moment In a James Bond Film

Dr. No – 1962 – Sean Connery

Dom Pérignon 1955

Honey is taken away by a guard, struggling with fear ineffectively in the guard’s arms. BOND jumps to his feet, reaching out and grabbing a Champagne bottle to use as a weapon, but another guard quickly presses a gun against Bond’s back.

DR. NO – “That’s a Dom Perignon ’55. It would be a pity to break it.”

Bond slowly sits back in his chair, and pulls himself together, putting the bottle back down on the table. He glances at the label.

BOND – “I prefer the ’53 myself.”

From Russia With Love – 1963 – Sean Connery

Champagne Taittinger – Riserva Comtes de Champagne – Blanc de Blancs

Bond and Sylvia are making out in a small rowing boat on the bank of the water while another couple rows past, “I said it’s great sport, this punting” the rower of the other boat says to his girl.

Bond – “I couldn’t agree with him more.”
Sylvia – “I might even give up golf for it.”
Bond – “Really?”
He tugs on a cord that extends between his toes into the water, pulling up a bottle of Champagne. He touches it.
Bond – “Not quite.”
He lowers the bottle again. Sylvia notices something on his back —- a scar. She runs her finger across it.
Sylvia – “Ooh! Souvenir from another jealous woman?”

Later on the train.

Bond – “I’ll have a bottle of the Blanc de Blancs.” Referring to Champagne Taittinger – Riserva Comtes de Champagne – Blanc de Blancs. The one that Donald ‘Red’ Grant would drug to get Bond alone.

This is the only James Bond film to feature Champagne Taittinger, I did ask for some more information on how this came to be, but “Unfortunately we have no archives about it.” was the response I received, although Claire did share the below image showing the bottle of Champagne Taittinger that was used in the film.

Champagne Taittinger, unfortunately, didn’t end up becoming Bond’s on-screen Champagne of choice, but fans of the book series will certainly be familiar with it.

How did Champagne Taittinger Comtes de Champagne come to be featured in the books? “Claude Taittinger started to give some bottles to Ian Fleming who enjoyed our Comtes de Champagne very much and included it in his books.”

If it was down to Ian Fleming, Champagne Taittinger might have featured more in the movies, but it was ultimately Albert R. ‘Cubby’ Broccoli who made the call to go with Dom Pérignon.

This Image Is Property Of Champagne Taittinger

While in the rain, Donald ‘Red’ Grant and Sylvia are sitting together in the restaurant car of the Orient-Express, Donold checks his watch, waiting for Bond, above him, you can see three advertisement stickers/plaques of Champagne Mercier. (Thank you to Gabriel Leroux for pointing this moment out)

Goldfinger – 1964 – Sean Connery

Dom Pérignon 1953

On the bed with Jill, Bond reaches down to grasp a bottle of Dom Pérignon, he states “Oh, it’s lost its chill. There’s another in the fridge”

Jill – “Who needs it?”

Bond – “My dear girl, there are some things that just aren’t done… such as drinking Dom Perignon ‘fifty-three above a temperature of thirty-eight degrees Fahrenheit. That’s as bad as listening to the Beatles without ear-muffs.”

Bond ventures into the kitchen and pulls open the fridge door, kneeling down he says “Now, where is this passion juice?”

The camera shows a man’s hand suddenly coming into frame, the hand chops the back of Bond’s neck, knocking him and the bottle of Dom Pérignon on the floor.

Thunderball – 1965 – Sean Connery

Dom Pérignon 1955

The scene opens with Bond closing a menu “Beluga Caviar, Dom Pérignon ’55“, handing the menu back to the waiter who confirms his order with a single word of confirmation “Monsieur”.

Both Bond and Domino make their way to the dance floor, before the bottle of Dom Pérignon is served.

The main villain, Largo, can also be seen drinking some Mumm Cordon Rouge and Veuve Clicquot Champagne.

You Only Live Twice – 1967 – Sean Connery

Dom Pérignon 1959

Helga Brandt, sharing a gaze with Bond, offers him some Champagne “May we offer you a glass of Champagne, Mr. Fisher” Bond replies – “No thank you, it’s too early in the morning for me.”

Miss Grant – “You’re quite sure?” Bond – (said in a quieter tone) “Quite sure.”

Helga walks over to the bar.

Mr. Osato – “I always take a glass in the morning, you should try it.”

Bond – “It’s bad for your liver isn’t it?” said without taking his eyes of Helga across the room.

Mr. Osato – “Nonsense, it adds a sparkle to the day”.

Bond – “I’m sure it does”.

Still, without hardly letting Helga out of his site, she opens the fridge door.

Helga – “A Dom Pérignon ’59, Mr. Fisher. Are you really sure you won’t change your mind?”

Bond – “We’ll if you insist.”

She then starts unwrapping the foil before Bond and Mr. Osato take a seat. After a few precisely chosen words, Helga walks over to Bond with two glasses of Champagne in hand and while handing over one to Bond says “Mr. Osato believes in a healthy chest.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – 1969 – George Lazenby

Dom Pérignon 1957

In a tuxedo, Bond enters the Casino floor, a silver ice bucket with a bottle of Champagne can be seen next to a table of two elegant ladies, both enjoying a glass.

Bond then seats himself at a Baccarat Chemin de Fer table, where he plays for some time, a lady by the name of Tracy approaches the table and makes a bet, which she loses, but doesn’t have the money to pay, after a moment of unease, Bond covers for Tracy as she walks in the Casino restaurant.

Bond is close behind following Tracy, while she calls over the waiter, Bond orders a bottle of “Dom Pérignon ’57”.

They both sit down and talk for a moment before Tracy stands up and drops her keys on the table, saying “Come later, I hope it will be worth it, partner”.

Just as she’s walking away, the waiter carries a silver ice bucket with a bottle of Dom Pérignon ’57 chilling away inside, Bond turns and says “Send it to suite 432 with Caviar for two” “Oui monsieur” the waiter then picks up the ice bucket and walks back toward the bar.

As Bond enters suit 432 you again see the silver ice bucket with a bottle of Dom Pérignon ’57, unopened, And after a fight with Che Che enjoys some of the Caviar before leaving.

At a Bullfight, Tracy with Olympe both take a glass of Champagne from a passing waiter and then sit down at the table with her Father and Bond, a waiter pours a bottle of Champagne seen wrapped in a cloth, it is on his final pour that you see the word Moët on the neck of the bottle, letting us know they’re enjoying a bottle of Moët & Chandon.

Tracy again enjoys a glass of Champagne Dom Pérignon with the main villain, Blofeld, as he clearly pours her a glass alive with bubbles.

After the helicopters arrive and they start opening fire, Tracy is left to fight off two guards with two bottles of Dom Pérignon, she throws and misses with the first bottle and smashes the second bottle over the head of the first guard then with the half-broken bottle, slashes at the second with no avail.

The Bond theme starts as soldiers fight to gain entry to the building, her hand is pressed against some crystals making her drop the broken Champagne bottle.

In the book version Bond can be found drinking Champagne Taittinger and Champagne Krug.

Diamonds Are Forever – 1971 – Sean Connery

The only Wine sponsor was Mouton-Rothschild 1955, no Champagne was featured.

Diamonds Are Forever doesn’t feature any Dom Pérignon, Bollinger, or Champagne of any kind that I could see when watching the film, the only bottle we get introduced to is right at the end of the film with a bottle of Mouton Rothschild ’55, with a bottle of Cognac just waiting on the cart waiting to be brilliantly used by Bond, when he breaks the bottle and pours some of the liquid over Mr. Kidd who was carrying two flaming kebabs, setting him ablaze.

The Novel

Although no Champagne appears in the film, it was the book that introduced Bollinger Champagne to James Bond,

Diamonds Are Forever is the fourth Ian Fleming book and marks the first book that features Champagne Bollinger, it will be a little while longer before it makes its way into the films.

In the book, a bottle of Bollinger is sent to him by the villain-turned-lover Tiffany Case to comfort him about taking a harsh beating from the Las Vegas Casino Mob. Bond slides off the bed and examines to contents of the try. He smiled to himself.

Live and Let Die – 1973 – Roger Moore

Dom Pérignon and Bollinger

This is the first time two different Champagne brands have been prominently showcased in a James Bond and the first time Bollinger appears.

Just after the ninth minute, the neck of a bottle is spotted in a silver ice bucket in Bond’s kitchen.

James is sitting in the bath, shaving cream all over his face, looking into a mirror, carefully cutting his facial hair, when a small snake slithers down behind him. Whisper, disguised as a waiter opens the door to the room with a bottle of Bollinger and two glasses on a silver tray.

He looks around and says in a quiet tone, almost a whisper “Anybody home?” Bond wipes his face clean and steps out of the bath, Whisper, in a low hiss “Your Champagne, sir.” a close-up of Whisper shows clearly the word Bollinger labeled across the ice bucket.

From the bathroom, James questions what he didn’t hear “What was that?”

“Your Champagne” Whisper responds as James leaves the bathroom in his blue robe “Put it on the table, thanks” James replies, he takes the bill from the tray and starts to sign it as Whisper asks “Shall I open it”, Bond still can’t really hear Whisper, so asks “What?” in a distracted tone.

Whisper then repeats “Shall I open it” in a whispered shout, with a hint of frustration. James looks up and takes a second for it to register what he just heard “Oh, no, no, I can manage, thank you”.

Handing back the bill with a tip Bond says “Here you are.” “Thank you,” replies Whisper as he leaves the room, closing the door behind him.

Just before the 45th minute, a bottle of Dom Pérignon can be seen on a picnic blanket, surrounded by glasses and plates of food.

The Man With The Golden Gun – 1974 – Roger Moore

Dom Pérignon 1964

In the Peninsula Hotel, James Bond leaves the room and brings back with him a bottle of Dom Pérignon with two glasses, popping open the bottle and pouring two glasses, one for him and one for Andrea Anders. After negotiating a deal, he says “Let’s drink to that” and hands a glass to Andrea. “Bottoms up” and they clink glasses.

After Bond and Andrea had spent some time in the bedroom, Andrea sneaks into Scaramanga’s room, with a bar on the right, on that bar you can see a bottle of Champagne in a silver ice bucket.

About 1 hour 35 mins in the film, after landing on Golden Gun’s island, Nick Nack walks over with a bottle of Dom Pérignon and a glass.

Nick Nack – “Bonjour, Monsieur, Bond. I am Nick Nack. Don Pérignon soixante-quatre (64)“.

BOND – “I prefer the ’62 myself. Still, beats a bag of peanuts.”

Then a shot is fired at the Champagne bottle, popping open the cork, lettings the Champagne bubble fly out of the bottle, all over Nick Nack while also filling up some of the glass. This bottle of Champagne is from Moët & Chandon, seen by the branding around the neck of the bottle.

We here at Glass of Bubbly interviewed, one of the Bond girls from The Man With The Golden Gun, Britt Ekland who played Mary Goodnight, we asked her a few questions about Champagne and Sparkling Wine, including this one

Which is your favourite Champagne?

“Of course taste changes over the years, in my youth, it was mostly Dom Pérignon or Cristal as that was what everyone drank”. – Britt Ekland

I would assume she enjoyed a glass or two of Dom Pérignon while making her James Bond movie. You can read the rest of the Celebrity Interview: Britt Ekland

The Spy Who Loved Me – 1977 – Roger Moore

Dom Pérignon 1952

Bond – “How about a nightcap” James slides open the train door revealing a bottle of Dom Pérignon in a silver ice bucket, offering Anya a drink “on the company. My company.

After Anya refuses his intimate offer, he retires to the room with the Champagne, sliding the door shut. In his room he twists the bottle of Champagne round, moves the ice bucket to the side of the room and pulls forward some glasses, thinking that Anya would change her mind and walk through the door.

Anya toys with the idea while getting ready for bed, she is about to hang up her dress when she opens the wardrobe and reveals all 7 ft 2 in of Jaws, one of the most famous Bond villains.

Bond hears her scream as she is knocked unconscious, Jaws is about to take a chunk out of her neck when Bond, slides open the door, grabs the Dom Pérignon by the bottleneck and smashes it over Jaws’ head.

At the end of the movie, Bond and Anya are both sitting in a cozy little escape vessel, when Bond reaches over his should and fulls out a bottle of Dom Pérignon from a golden ice bucket and says “Maybe I misjudged, Stromberg. Any man that drinks a Dom Pérignon ’52 can’t be all bad.”

He then starts to untwist the cage on the bottle while Anya pulls a gun on him and says “The mission is over, commander” the camera focuses on her trigger finger, pulling tighter, then ‘pop’ the cork pops open making Bond jump, the Champagne flows up and out of the bottle making Anya release a tiny smile, Bond then seduces his way out of the trouble and into bed.

Moonraker – 1979 – Roger Moore

Bollinger R.D. 1969

James Bond had a taste of Bollinger back in Live and Let Die and now it’s here to stay, the new Champagne Sponsor for James Bond, taking over from Dom Pérignon.

At the beginning of the film when Bond is on a private airplane, trying to seduce the hostess, just after she pulls a gun, you can see a silver branded ice bucket with a bottle of Bollinger Champagne inside.

After the 49th minute in the hotel room of Dr. Holly Goodhead, a silver ice bucket can be seen on the table with a bottle of Champagne inside, the neck of the bottle is mostly wrapped with a white cloth.

“James, why don’t you pour yourself a drink, huh?” pulling him up and away from the desk he sits in and over to the ice bucket.

“Thank you”, Bond replies, once they reach the ice bucket, Bond says with a hint of delight “Bollinger, if it’s the ’69, you were expecting me.”

Although they never pour themselves a glass, it was a pretty neat start to the new Champagne sponsor of James Bond.

For Your Eyes Only – 1981 – Roger Moore

Dom Pérignon

No Champagne is directly mentioned, you see three bottles, with the label sort of visible on one bottle, to me it looked like the shield from a Dom Pérignon.

After stepping out of the chauffeured car, Bond asks Lisl “May I call you tomorrow, Countess?” she avoids the question by immediately responding with an invitation “I’m a night person. I have Champagne and oysters in the fridge. Why not come in for a bite?”

Delighted and a bit stunned by the directness of the invitation, Bond turns around to the driver who is holding the passenger door open and says “I won’t need you anymore tonight. The driver gives a small smile as he closes the door with Bond and Lisl retiring to her beach house.

Shortly after we see Bond and Lisl in some comfortable clothes as Lisl pours what’s left of the Champagne into her glass, making sure she gets every last drop before placing the bottle upside down in the silver ice bucket on the coffee table. She lifts her glass and toasts to the final time “Cheers”, Bond replies while relaxing in a mountain of pillows “Bottoms up”.

Two further bottles can be seen on the steps of the fireplace, three bottles down, it’s no wonder the next line is “Whoops” as Lisl falls down to Bond’s level, Lisl hands Bond the glass and shortly after taking a sip, Lisl’s lips lock with Bond’s, lost in this world of passion Bond’s hand relaxes and slowly spills what’s left of the Champagne.

In a close-up of Lisl you will notice a slight error, as the Champagne bottle lying horizontally has turned around, as the neck of the bottle originally points to Bond, it switches round to point to the fire.

Octopussy – 1983 – Roger Moore

Bollinger R.D.

In Octopussy the first bottle can be seen in a silver ice bucket with the Bollinger branding on the front in Bond’s hotel room, just after the 28th minute, we can see a note pinned to the top of the bottle’s neck.

At a poolside dinner in the soft glow of the moonlight that we rarely cherish, we see a bottle of Champagne in a standing ice bucket beside the table, Bond takes his seat across from his chanting guest, Magda, the waiter picks up the bottles and fills Bond’s glass, Magda has already started without him, the waiter slightly twists the bottle after pouring, reveling half a label before placing it back into the chilled ice bucket.

We later find Bond and Magda in bed, sipping the last drops of her glass, she says “I need refilling”, Bond with something else on his mind utters “Hmm” taking a second to realise she meant her glass he says “ah, of course you do” without taking his eyes off of her, he reaches back to pick up the bottle, pouring the very few drops left into her glass, but that simply won’t do, Bond says in a faster tone “I’ll get some more” not wanting the moment to fade, but Magda doesn’t care about the Champagne at this moment, she says “Don’t bother” while placing her hand on his chest “We’ll make yours a loving cup” while pouring the small amount of her Champagne into Bond’s glass.

Again Champagne is seen in a silver ice bucket on the large dining table of Prince Kamal Khan, where Bond sits down for a rather quick dinner.

In the room of Octopussy, a bottle of Bollinger is perfectly posed, chilling away in a gold ice bucket, over some ‘light’ conversation, Octopussy pours herself a glass of Champagne. Then after a conversation with Prince Maal Khan, Bond pours himself some more Champagne.

Later in the film, onboard a train, with Octopussy, General Orlov and Prince Kamal Khan, they’ve all enjoyed a sip of Champagne with three glasses present and the bottle again in a gold ice bucket.

At the close of the film, Bond is lying on a bed with his leg up with Octopussy comforting his lips, the golden ice bucket is back with a bottle of Champagne yet to be opened with the diamond necklace around its neck.

Never Say Never Again – 1983 – Sean Connery

No Champagne sponsored this Bond film, although Champagne was featured.

Featuring the return of Sean Connery for his final James Bond film, Never Say Never Again is the second adaptation of Thunderball. The movie was only created after a copyright battle between Kevin McClory and Ian Fleming.

The film was released on the 15th of December 1983, six months after Octopussy on the 6th of June, it is also the only Bond film not to have its unique opening credits with its specially created song, instead, the song starts at the very beginning as Bond makes his way into an enemy hideout, kills some guys and rescues a girl.

The film takes Bond in a different direction, showcasing an older Bond, proving to his superiors that he is yet to pass his prime, we wouldn’t see the older Bond story until Skyfall with the future M saying “There’s no shame in saying you’ve lost a step.

Now let’s get onto the Champagne moments.

Just before the 55th minute James Bond and a beautiful girl can be seen walking to the hotel reception, Bond in his fancy overalls is carrying a cloth bag, inside two bottles of Champagne can be seen.

After some time in bed with the girl, the phone rings, as Bond answers it, you can see an open bottle of Champagne in a silver ice bucket, on the other end of the phone is none other than Rowan Atkinson playing Nigel Small-Fawcett, playing a comedic character, Nigel invites Bond to a spot of snorkeling, Bond says “Sounds a wonderful idea” with no intention of following through, he’s too busy getting busy with the lovely lady, so instead of hanging up, Bond hands over the phone to the bottle of Champagne, in the ice bucket.

While in France, Bond looks through a telescope and sees Domino on her yacht and also sees the light shining off of a silver ice bucket with a bottle of Champagne sunbathing inside.

When entering the Casino Royale in Monte Carlo, an ice bucket is standing near a table, when Bond walks past he hands over a pistol to the open Champagne bottle waiting inside the silver ice bucket.

Another ice bucket in the casino contains a bottle of Champagne, showing a part of the famous shield label of Dom Pérignon.

At the end of the film, Bond gets served a Tropical Cocktail by Domino, instead of his classic Martini, marking the end of Sean Connery’s venture as James Bond.

A View to a Kill – 1985 – Roger Moore

Bollinger 1975, along with Château Lafite Rothschild 1959

The first bottle of Champagne is quickly seen being carried by a waiter in a silver ice bucket, in the Restaurant Le Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower.

The next scene shows Bond testing a small glass of Champagne Bollinger ’75” he says, the waiter starts to fill up his glass as Bond sees nothing wrong with the characters of the Champagne, Achille Aubergine is impressed “I see you are a connoisseur, monsieur Bond”. He then looks up to the waiter who has just started to walk away, he orders a bottle of “Lafitte Rothschild ’59”.

Bond – “Another excellent choice” Achille is pleased with his comment “I’m pleased you approve since you are paying the bill, cheers”.

A bottle of Champagne can be seen on a table the first time Bond goes outside at Zorin’s garden party, along with many filled glasses of Champagne.

Once you see Christopher Walken’s character, Max Zorin outside at his party, you can quickly see a tower of Champagne bottles to the left of the screen, you can also see two standard sized bottles and 2 magnum bottles at the bar, once he approaches, you can see one opened magnum bottle and one opened standard bottle next to some red grapes, with a third opened bottle appearing in the frame when Zorin gets served by the waiter, but instead of drinking, he hands the glass over to another blonde beauty. This part is just flowing with Champagne.

The tower of Champagne bottles appears again for a longer time as Bond and Dr. Carl Mortner are walking toward to bar, then we see many of the same Champagne bottles plus an added extra one or two as Bond and the Dr. get poured a drink of Champagne.

After a stimulating conversation with Max Zorin, Bond grabs an open bottle of Champagne and a couple of glasses, pouring Stacy Sutton and himself a glass over light conversation with her and intelligence gathering for him.

The Living Daylights – 1987 – Timothy Dalton

Bollinger R.D.

After an explosive start to Timothy Dalton’s first James Bond film, just before the opening credits and song, James Bond is offered a glass of Champagne onboard a yacht he landed on.

At the close of the opening credits, a girl is seen dancing with the bubbles inside a glass of Champagne.

Miss Moneypenny – “You’d better hurry, M wants you to stop at Harrods on your way and pick up a parcel” with that request, James appears at a mansion, entering a room with M, The Ministry of Defence, Secretary and General Georgi Koskov, placing the hamper on the table.

The general is overcome with affection for James, with it soon turning to the wonders of the contents in the hamper from Harrods, as he’s taking a look through, Bond gives M the bill and the General laughs and says “What’s this? Caviar? Well, that’s peasant food for us but with Champagne it’s ok. (reading the label) Bollinger RD, the best! Hmm”

Bond innocently says to M “Um, the brand on the list was questionable, Sir. So I took the liberty of choosing something else.” The General “Superb Mr. Bond, superb” as his hands are full with gifts from the hamper

Later during their meeting, the bottle of Champagne is open, with just over half the bottle left.

Possibly the same bottle of Champagne, but if it was, someone has had a checky swig, as the bottle appears empty on the try when being carried into the kitchen.

Later at a pool in Austria, a bottle of Champagne can be seen in a silver ice bucket on the bar with the two gentlemen wearing Fez’s.

A silver ice bucket and Champagne glasses are later seen in General Leonid Pushkin’s hotel room, but the Champagne bottle is nowhere to be found.

General Georgi Koskov and another military man can be seen drinking Champagne at 1 hour 17 mins with the bottle of Champagne in a silver ice bucket on the table, the bottle is picked up by the other man in anticipation of a celebration

Licence to Kill – 1989 – Timothy Dalton

Bollinger R.D. 1975

After the wedding, with a very jolly bride, Della Churchill Leiter and Bond enter a room with 3 bottles of Bollinger Champagne. One bottle in a silver ice bucket joins the cake-cutting celebrations.

When James and Pam enter their hotel room in Isthmus City (filmed in Mexico), Bond says to the hotel manager showing them around their massive room, “I’d like a case of Champagne, Bollinger R.D.“, “Certainly, señor” the Hotel Manager replies.

Shortly after Bond is depositing a large amount of cash and with money comes Champagne, while they counted his money, Bond enjoys a glass of Champagne, with the Champagne resting in a silver ice bucket within arm’s reach.

Two bottles of Champagne in silver ice buckets can be seen at the bar at Casino De Isthmus (Franz Sanchez’s Casino), one when bond leaves the blackjack table and the second when Pam turns away from the bar with Bond’s Martini, Shaken, Not Stirred, in hand.

When pretending to be a waiter, Bond passes a cart with a bottle of Champagne in a silver ice bucket.

After closing a big sale, Franz Sanchez and his new business partners/investors toast and enjoy some Champagne, the bottle can be seen just in front of Franz Sanchez on the table, this time it flies sole, with no ice bucket.

Goldeneye – 1995 – Pierce Brosnan

Bollinger La Grande Année 1988

James Bond’s Aston Martin screeches to a halt with Bond and Caroline inside, Bond leans closer, wrapping his arm around her, he says “As you can see, I have no problem with female authority”, Caroline isn’t impressed by the high-speed driving they’ve just been doing, she looks down, followed shortly by Bond as a compartment in the car swings open revealing a bottle of 1988 Bollinger Champagne  Grande Année, chilling way, with just one glass. Flusters, Caroline says “James, you’re incorrigible, what am I going to do with you” as she knows the inevitable, her lips will be on his soon enough, “Well, let’s toast to your evaluation, shall we?” just before their lips lock.

This is one of the best on-screen showcasing of Bollinger in a James Bond film, fast cars, sex, danger and Champagne.

Tomorrow Never Dies – 1997 -Pierce Brosnan


Bollinger La Grande Année 1989

Professor Inga Bergstrom and James Bond are ‘studying’ in a bedroom in Oxford, England, James says “I’ve always enjoyed studying a new tongue, professor” as the camera starts panning round, showing two Champagne glasses, half enjoyed, with a bottle of Champagne in a silver ice bucket, on the floor, close to the bed.

At a glamorous CMGN event, Bond is introduced to Elliot Carver as a banker, Elliot has little time or care for Banker Bond, so switches his focus to the beautiful Wai Lin, pushed to the side, Bond sees a familiar face overlooking the event. Walking up the stairs with passion in his eyes towards, Paris, standing behind him, he speaks in a soft tone “I always wondered how I’d feel if I ever saw you again”, Paris turns around with haste and a hint of excitement, as she knows that voice all too well, the memories of them together are brought rushing back as she slaps Bond round the face, some pain is inflicted on Bond’s cheekbones, but not for long as he speaks “Now I know, was it something I said?” “How about the word’s ‘I’ll be right back?” disappointed and angry all at once she replies, Bond answers with “Something came up”, “Something always comes up,” she says as both of them lean against the railing.

“And how are you, Paris?” Bond asks, she replies with a big smile across her face, as she feels better in herself “Much better now, we’re even”. A Waiter in a newspaper suit approaches and asks the lady “Something to drink, Mrs. Carver?” quickly she replies, “Mr. Bond will have a Vodka Martini, Shaken, not Stirred” Impressed with her remembering, Bond orders a drink for Paris “Mrs. Carver will have a Tequila, straight shot.” “No”, Paris quickly responses, making sure the waiter doesn’t take his order for her, “Mrs. Carver will have a glass of Mr. Carver’s Champagne“.

The waiter nods with the order in mind and walks off, Bond notes “I see you’ve moved up in the world, Paris”.

The World Is Not Enough – 1999 – Pierce Brosnan

Bollinger La Grande Année 1990

When Bond approaches the Casino Bar while wearing his X-Ray glasses, a bottle of Champagne can be seen in a silver ice bucket in the far corner, next to a smiling blond girl. Another bottle is spotted on the other side of the bar once Bond has knifed the guy’s tie to the bar and is drinking his Martini.

In their hotel room, the scene opens to a bottle of Bollinger relaxing in a silver ice bucket almost overflowing with ice, the bottle has already been opened, Elektra King and Bond are in bed, Elektra reaches out for the Champagne, but Bond’s hand stops hers, not wanting the moment to be broken, instead of picking up the bottle, she picks up an ice cube, rubbing it up Bond’s arm to his beaten shoulder.

The next scene shows the ice bucket knocked over, the ice spread out on the floor around an empty bottle of Bollinger Champagne.

When Renard and Elektra are in the bedroom together, a Champagne bottle sits awkwardly in a silver ice bucket at the end of the bed.

When Valentin Zukovsky is struggling to swim in his own Caviar, he yells up to Bond “It was you who destroyed my factory, then you drown my Rolls Royce and now you’re trying to drown me in my own Caviar, LET ME OUT” Bond looks to Dr. Christmas Jones and says “Too bad we don’t have any Champagne” laughing at his remark, she responds “Or sour cream”.

At the end of the film, a magnificent scene of Bond and Christmas enjoying a glass of Champagne at night with fireworks going off in the background.

Die Another Day – 2002 – Pierce Brosnan

Bollinger 1969 – Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut

James Bond walks into a hotel in Hong Kong, looking like a drowned rat, he approaches the desk and says “I’ll have my usual suite, please” the Desk Clerk is less than impressed with his appearance asking Bond “Do you have a credit card or any luggage?”  Bond’s head tilts, giving off a ‘seriously, did you just ask that’ expression.

Fortunately, the Hotel Manager is close at hand, recognising Bond, “Mr. Bond, so good to see you, it’s been a long time”, “Mr. Chang” Bond replies in a form of hello, “Open the Presidental suite” Chang orders the Desk Clerk. “Perhaps you could send up my tailor and some food”, Bond says, “The lobster is good, with quails eggs and sliced seaweed”, agreeing to that order, Bond also adds “and if there’s any left, ’61 Bollinger“, “Of course” Mr. Chang replies.

In the next scene, we see that bottle of Bollinger resting nicely in a silver ice bucket and a glass of Champagne, surrounded by fresh fruits and fitted suits

Shortly after Bond enters the Ice Palace, Champagne can be spotted in an ice bucket,

After Bond has been shown his Swan Bedroom, the first scene in the thriving Ice Palace, a tower of Champagne bottles and Champagne glasses can be seen to the left of the screen, with a Champagne bottle in an ice bucket to the right.

While talking to Jinx Johnson at the ice bar, the tower of Champagne bottles and Champagne glasses can be seen again from a much more impressive angle.

When walking away from the bar with Jinx, two Champagne bottles are spotted in ice buckets on the bar top.

Casino Royale – 2006 – Daniel Craig

Bollinger La Grande Année 1990 – Special Cuvée – Brut and Château Angélus 1982

Daniel Craig takes over the reins of portraying James Bond and by his side, Bollinger still resides.

The first Champagne to appear in a Daniel Craig, James Bond film, is at 32:20, you just see the neck of the bottle in a silver ice bucket on the bar that Bond is leaning on.

While Bond and Solange are making out on the floor, glasses of Champagne and a silver ice bucket can be seen, but the camera never rises high enough to see the bottle inside, after some seductive questioning from Bond, at the end of the scene he says “In that case (kiss) we’re gonna need (kiss) some more Champagne“.

Bond leaves Solange wanting more on the floor, while he picks up the phone “Good evening, room service” Bond responds “Good evening. Can I get a bottle of chilled Bollinger Grande Année and the Beluga Caviar?” room service replies “With everything?” “Yes, with everything” “And would that be for two, sir?” Bond is slightly distracted by Solange walking into another room “What?” room service repeats “For two?” but despite a night of passion available, Bond is on a mission “No, for one”.

When Bond and Vesper first meet with Mathis, Bond takes two glasses of Champagne from a waiter’s tray, when they are all seated, you also see over Bond’s left shoulder a bottle of Champagne in a silver ice bucket, along with many glasses of Champagne.

At the 100 million dollars no limit hold-em poker game, at the bar, many bottles can be seen on the display wall, along with one in an ice bucket behind Felix Lighter.

When Vesper approaches Mathis at the bar a conversation ignites “Hello” “I suppose I don’t have to tell you how beautiful you look, half the people at that table are still watching you”, turning to the bartender he asks for “Champagne“.

Bond, after losing all in the poker game, approaches another bar, frustrated and angry he orders “Vodka Martini” the bartender “Shaken or Stirred?” “Do I look like I give a damn” Bond snaps back, he spots Le Chiffre from across the room and on an emotional judgment he picks up a knife, as he does, you can see a bottle of Champagne in a silver ice bucket on the bar.

After winning the game of poker, Bond and Vesper enjoy a fine meal, with a standing ice bucket next to the table with an open bottle of Champagne inside.

In the love-filled, joyful hotel room of Bond and Vesper in Venice, an upside-down bottle of Champagne can be seen in a standing silver ice bucket, along with two empty glasses of Champagne.

The Novel

Casino Royale was Ian Flemings’s first James Bond novel, and the Original Champagne he wrote about was Champagne Taittinger.

Bond had just won the high-stakes hold-em poker game when he turns to the Sommelier and orders a bottle of Champagne, both Taittinger ’45 and a Blanc de Blancs Brut ’43 are mentioned.

Quantum Of Solace – 2008 – Daniel Craig


Bollinger La Grande Année 1999

Branded Champagne glasses can be seen at the formal event that Dominic Greene attends and when we see Dominic Greene in his private booth when watching the show, at least 4 bottles of Bollinger Champagne can be seen behind him. Even when Bond gets some of the audience to leave, at least 4 more bottles can be spotted on a table at the back wall.

During the gunfight that happens afterward, an empty bottle of Champagne with a full bottle hiding behind it can be seen very quickly next to the wine bottle that gets shot, just missed a bullet on that one, phew!

When Bond gets invited to a party, he drinks a little Champagne, the next scene, shows that invitation, along with a cork, without its cage, marked with Champagne Bollinger.

At the party, multiple bottles of Champagne make an appearance, spread across the bar in ice buckets, when Bond and Strawberry Field enter the party, Bond picks up two glasses of Champagne, handing one over to Fields. “Fields, Just Fields”.

Skyfall – 2012 – Daniel Craig

Bollinger La Grande Année 2002

The Shanghai Golden Dragon Casino shows Eve Moneypenny being the first to sip some delicious Champagne, multiple full trays of Champagne are escorted around by waitresses. Bond spoils Moneypenny’s glass of Champagne by dropping his earpiece into her drink, what a waste of good Champagne.

Onboard Sévérine’s boat, the scene opens to a bottle of Champagne chilling away inside a silver ice bucket with two Champagne glasses standing by, she’s hoping to see Bond enter her room at any moment.

Spectre – 2015 – Daniel Craig

Bollinger Bollinger R.D. 2002 – Prestige Cuvée – Extra Brut

With 009 waiting upstairs, to pick up the DB10, Q, who’s just arriving to work finds the door to his secure workplace is open, he walks quickly towards the sliding doors of the large elevator, where the DB10 is being stored and they slide open revealing a chilled bottle of Champagne inside a silver ice bucket, a present for Q, from Bond. I know we love Champagne, but I’m not sure if the car for a bottle of Champagne was an equal trade.

After saving Lucia Sciarra’s life, Bond says with a smile “Excellent, time for a drink” the next scene shows James Bond pouring a glass of Champagne, placing the bottle back into the silver ice bucket below, walking towards Lucia with two glasses of Champagne in hand, he only wants the information that she holds. After confirming that he killed her husband, Bond is slapped around the face, leading him to throw down the two glasses of Champagne, breaking them all over the floor.

During his fight with Mr. Hinx on the train, very quickly an upside-down bottle of Champagne can be seen in a silver ice bucket, right after Mr. Hinx is set on fire, for the first time the ice bucket joins the fight with Bond, bouncing up and hitting into the side of Mr. Hinx.

In the desert, as guests of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Bond and Dr. Madeleine Swann are offered a glass of Champagne by Oberhauser’s Butler “Champagne?” Bond is resisant to accept any open liquids, responding with “Maybe later”.

No Time to Die – 2021 – Daniel Craig

Bollinger Special Cuvée (Plus Cava)

Within the first ten minutes, when Bond and Swann enter their hotel room and start making out, on the right of the screen a bottle of Champagne can be seen. Later during that night, we know that the bottle is opened, poured and placed into a silver ice bucket, as that is when it is next seen along with some Champagne filled glasses at the head of the bed.

Just after Bond meets Paloma at the bar, she takes him downstairs, to a wine cellar, not sure if there is any Champagne ageing away down there, but we can sure appreciate the fine-looking collection of wine.

Just after Bond receives his earpiece and is served his Martini, Shaken, not Stirred, a bottle of Cava can be seen above the bartender’s left shoulder on the display shelf behind, I am not sure what winery produced that bottle, if you know, I’d love to hear from you.

Once Bond and Paloma enter Spectre’s party, they split up, Paloma going right and Bond going left. On Bond’s blue side, during the view of the party, one of the guests can be seen holding a bottle of Champagne overflowing with Champagne dripping onto the floor, it’s directly at the 49th minute, and you have to be looking for it to see it.

On Paloma’s orange side, there is a big silver ice bucket on the table with 4 bottles inside, the bottles have black labels, not like the white Cava label in the bar, so most likely Champagne.

Bonus Bond Film

Casino Royale – 1967 – David Niven – Peter Sellers – Ursula Andress + More

Veuve Clicquot & Taittinger

This version of Casino Royale is a Spy Parody, loosely based on Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale Book.

At the opening of the film, with Peter Sellers, you can see two big posters behind, on either side of the screen, showing a bottle of Champagne being drunk in a fascinating fashion.

At 1 hour 22 mins 44 seconds in the movie, you can see at least 7 bottles of Champagne, some opened, some closed and most of the actors are holding a glass of Champagne. As to what brand it is, it has the distinct yellow colour of Veuve Clicquot, leading me to believe as such.

When Bond (Peter Sellers) is in a hotel room, a lady walks into the doorway holding a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne and one coupe glass, Peter Sellers’s Bond is startled by her arrival and shoots in her direction, despite being a few feet away he misses, he tries to play it off like he was meant to miss, but despite ‘almost’ being killed, Miss Goodthighs keeps the sexual tension alive, she starts pouring herself a glass of Champagne, but “You’ve got your cork still in your bottle” says Peter Seller’s Bond, not even the foil has been removed, “So I have, what are you going to do about it?” it takes just a second for Bond to get a good idea “Stick your arm out” he says, she does so, waiting to see what he’s got planned, Bond raises his gun and shoots the foil, cage and cork right off of the bottle, bubbly Champagne flows out dripping down Miss Goodthighs hand as she pours a glass and hands it to Bond, with the bottle’s resting place for this scene ending up next to a suitcase full of money.

That is until Peter Seller’s Bond picks the bottle back up, topping up his now double-drugged glass of Champagne, “My goodness, this is strong Champoo, it really is” Bond says after tasting it.

At Casino Royale, Le Chiffre is playing a game of Baccarat, a bottle of Champagne can just be seen poking its head above the table in a silver ice bucket, until it is raised up by a lady to get a better view, filling up a glass.

Later that same Champagne bottle is used in a magic trick, blowing up a red balloon, popping to reveal a card, the next time you see Peter Sellers, a man is drinking Champagne straight from the bottle behind him.

When Peter Sellers next stands up, a Champagne bottle in a silver standing ice bucket is positioned behind him.

Later in the film, after some very funny moments, Jimmy Bond is revealing his master plan to The Detainer, a man wheeling a cart walks in saying “Your rain-cooled Taittinger, sir.” The Detainer is eager to have Jimmy Bond drink, she says “The drink” while nudging Jimmy, they both walk over, with her handing a glass to Jimmy, while trying to poison it at the same time, but missing due to Jimmy’s erratic movement.

When the American aid, on horseback, arrives in the Casino, yes you read that correctly, a woman is thrown over a bar with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne and a bottle in a silver ice bucket. When someone is thrown through the wall of the bar, multiple bottles of Veuve Clicquot are knocked off and probably broken.

Ending Notes

I’ve tried to capture every moment, but as you can imagine it took a really long time to gather this information, I may very well have missed a Champagne bottle or two, feel free to let me know if one comes to mind.

If you also want to explore further into the Watches of James Bond, then Jason Osborn has created a fantastic easy-to-read list from the Rolex in Dr. No up to the Omega Seamaster in Specter, A Complete List of All James Bond 007 Watches. or discover the ins and outs of James Bond’s Lifestyle.

I also want to thank Gabriel Leroux for helping me in identifying a few Champagne moments that I initially missed from the films.

Image Credit – Bottle/Glasses – Two Images Containing Champagne Taittinger and Mentioned as such are the Property of Champagne Taittinger.

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